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Which dating sites are completely free?

“Because we’re free, we’re unencumbered with trying to keep people on our site,” Tim said.

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Free And Single thereby increased female engagement on the site and provided a threshold of entry to keep out guys who weren’t serious about making a commitment.

In response to this issue, Tim and his team have decided to make Free And Single a 100% free dating site from here on out.

The goal is to offer high-quality services for high-quality singles, without tacking on a high price tag.

In the last year, the team decided to adjust its flagship dating site to better reflect what singles want — which is a hassle-free place to meet people.

Tim Taylor, Co-Founder of Free And Single, told us that many singles have lost faith in the traditional online dating model where singles pay a monthly subscription to chat with one another.


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  2. Mar 1, 2019. A woman who found some dating sites where messaging is free. Happn is totally free, but it's pretty new so the number of daters on may be.

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