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The top 10 million websites shown in the table below are taken from the Open Page Rank Initiative.The Page Ranks are calculated based on the Open data provided by Common Crawl and Common Search. These great, classroom-friendly news websites can give students different perspectives on key current events.There are picks on this list for students of all grade levels with appropriately adjusted content.This is a smart way to find safe, no viruses, no malware, porn websites.Find free contents, premium videos, porn blogs, forums and all the most famous web pages focused on porn.You can either browse all top 10 million sites using the table below or download the entire CSV file using the link at the bottom of the page.

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Among sites in this category are: Web-based video editing sites generally offer the "user generated video sharing" website in addition to some form of editing application.

Some of these applications simply allow the user to crop a video into a smaller clip.

Classroom rates are .95 per student for 10-149 students, .73 for 150-299 students, and .50 for 300-750 students.

Online content is free; magazine subscriptions for National Geographic Kids are per year for print and i Pad versions (digital-only subscriptions are per year), with National Geographic Little Kids available for per year for 6 print issues.


  1. Adult dating websites‎ 6 P. ▻ Agricultural websites‎. websites‎ 2 C, 8 P. ▻ Websites about animation‎ 1 C, 18 P. Websites about digital media‎ 1 C, 13 P.

  2. This is a website for kids, but who says adults can't use it, too. Click on the blue tabs across the top lead for lessons on reading, writing.

  3. Sudoku, crosswords, and online brain games, any of these can improve your mental function. Explore the best ways to train your brain.

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