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Although reluctant with the plan at first, Aang accepts to have everyone think he had died and his remaining allies attack the Fire Nation's capital, but are thwarted by Azula.During the finale, finding himself on a strange island, Aang is reluctant to actually kill Fire Lord Ozai, despite his four previous past lives (Roku, Kyoshi, Kuruk, and Yangchen) convincing him it is the only way.Aang was survived by his wife, Katara, and his three children, but he did not live to see his grandchildren, all of whom would become powerful Airbenders.Prior to his death, Aang tasked the Order of the White Lotus with finding and guiding the new Avatar after him.

It is there that Aang learns that the Fire Nation wiped out his people, including Gyatso.While he did not feel the effects for many years, after he entered middle age in his 50s, the strain of this exertion increasingly weighed upon his body.Ultimately, it resulted in Aang dying at the relatively young biological age of 66, in 153 AG.Learning that he was to be taken from Gyatso caused Aang to flee the monastery on his flying bison, Appa, before being caught by a storm; the life-or-death conditions triggered the Avatar State, encasing the young Avatar and his bison in an air-pocket among icebergs, where he remained suspended for a century.Although Monk Gyatso had snuck in the bed late night to tell Aang that he won’t be relocated to the Eastern Air Temple, it had already been too late.When Aang died, the Avatar spirit reincarnated into Korra of the Southern Water Tribe.Aang intended for the Order to simply guide and guard Korra, but several mishaps in the aftermath of Aang's death (including a kidnapping attempt by the anarchist Zaheer) and the still-fragile state of relations between the now-Five Nations resulted in Katara and Tenzin sequestering Korra in a compound at the South Pole, bringing teachers to her instead of allowing her to seek out her own.But upon learning that he was actually on the back of a Lion Turtle, one of four that made the first benders by manipulating humans' chi, Aang receives the Lion Turtles' Energybending ability.With this ability, as he regained his Avatar State, Aang removes Ozai's bending ability, rendering him harmless and ending the Hundred Year War.Meanwhile, Fire Lord Ozai is angered that Iroh betrayed the Fire Nation.So he sent Princess Azula to hunt down Zuko and Iroh.


  1. Sokka's hips rose towards Katara's and a moan eked from her, he seemed cautious not to push too deep but didn't withhold entirely, going just as far as she would accept. Katara was a moaner, Suki noted duly. Sokka moved with only a little speed but the noises the waterbender made were long, loud and heady.

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