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When the woman got home, she quickly deleted her Plenty of Fish profile, and filled her bathtub with "any cleaning chemical" she could find and scrubbed her body.

The woman's daughter convinced her to go to the hospital, and on the Monday evening, she went for a rape exam, where nurses documented bruises and lacerations.

A sexual assault nurse examiner, Stephanie Carlson, told the court that she has conducted more than 600 rape exams, and only once before has she seen an external anal injury as large as the one found on this woman.

In 2016, the woman received a message from "gioulian1869" on the online dating app Plenty of Fish. After a week of messages, they agreed to meet on Saturday, March 19, at 11 a.m.

While the woman had only the fake name John and online profile information, she was able to use Google image search to track down Gioulian Nikdima on a Kijiji ad for painting services under the name Julian. " Zielke, the prosecutor, said that line of questioning contributed to "rape myth" and conclusions that the Supreme Court has deemed unacceptable.

The accused, 49, denies doing anything against her will, and the lawyers are battling over whether some questions in court contribute to the "rape myth." (Warning: Story contains graphic language and disturbing content.)Gioulian Nikdima, 49, is charged with sexual assault causing bodily harm in the case of a Regina woman who accuses him of raping her after they met on a dating app.

He apologized for being graphic, but told the court, "She was so horny." He said the woman forced him to go faster and screamed, "F--k me, f--k me, f--k me." Nikdima said that when police arrested him at his home, he had no idea what it was about and willingly gave a statement to RCMP, despite his lawyer's advice not to, because he had nothing to hide.

The accused said he received a phone call from his beautiful ex-wife at the end of the date, and that the woman on the date may have been angry and jealous. The woman told the court she cries every day, can't trust people, and continues to blame herself that she "put myself in a position to get raped." "I don't know how to be me anymore." Bonnie Allen is a senior reporter for CBC News based in Saskatchewan.

She said the first kiss was quick, but then he became "very forceful." "He started grabbing, and pulling and twisting at my breasts," she told the court.

"He said, ' Do you want to do it in the ditch or in the back seat of his car? I didn't think I could run." When he guided her to the back seat, she said she planned to jump in, grab her purse off the passenger-side front seat, then hop out the other side door and get away.


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  2. Gioulian Nikdima, 49, is charged with sexual assault causing bodily harm in. who accuses him of raping her after they met on a dating app.

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