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This is easy for me to identify because I was one of these women. ”, “Does he have Chapter five goes on to unpack 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 which is your “to become list” (p. Andy explains in detail each part of “the love verses” in the Bible in a way that I have never heard or read.Throughout my twenties and early thirties, even right into marriage, I worried and stewed over questions like, “Should I move to meet more guys? This chapter makes the book worth reading for married people as well.

Seldom are the women concerned with who they are becoming.In chapter two, Andy moves into the premise of the whole book: Become the person your looking for is looking for. Chapters three and four discuss the importance of becoming the right person and how to become the right person.He opens this up with a plea to This is the reason I wish I had taken the One Year No Dating Challenge when I was single. And after you’re married, preparation is impossible. If you get nothing else from the book, you need to get this.So I do recommend the One Year No Dating Challenge to any woman who needs to refocus her life on becoming the woman God wants her to become.Maybe you don’t have a colored dating history (praise God for that! If you still find yourself obsessing on dating, men, and marriage, then this challenge is for you.Then there are the chapters everyone wants to read (or possibly wants to avoid): the sex chapters.This section starts off by explaining how we got where we are as a culture and why we’re not any farther gone compared to previous ancient cultures.I fretted and worried and coerced and tried to make life happen for me instead of trusting God to do what is best for me.I wasted a lot of time, I missed many opportunities, and I regret it. And I was determined to “get” no matter what it took.They’re to give us sexual freedom, and they’re to elevate the status and role of women.In a nutshell, sex is more than physical – much more.


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