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Is zoosk a free dating site

In addition, Zoosk gets the second highest amount of traffic to its’ website and application among online dating platforms in the United States per month and is also only second to in that ranking.

Part of Zoosk’s overall popularity comes from the fact that it was one of the first applications launched by the extremely popular social networking website, Facebook.

Like what other people have said, Zoosk is a paid site like Match.

They let you sign up for free so that you can check out all of the profiles that are on there.

There are over 50 million people using Zoosk in over 70 different countries making it widely popular and useful.

The millions of members who use Zoosk on the different kinds of platforms are known fondly as ‘Zooskers.’ Zoosk is unique in that members can contact each other through the Internet, social networking platforms like Facebook, as well as any of their mobile devices and tablets.

But in this case you don’t even have to worry about it.

A lot of companies (not sure about Zoosk) will make it a Herculean task to cancel during the free trial.

Each user of Zoosk is asked to cite their preferences when it comes to behaviors, traits, and qualities that he or she would like to see in a potential match.

The more information that a user puts in to the behavior matchmaking system, the likelier it will be for them to match up with someone who fits more of their emotional and physical needs to be found in a romantic partner.

There is also another key factor, which is the formula and implementation of Zoosk’s ‘Behavioral Matchmaking’ engine that has been found to be very successful with its’ millions of users.

The Behavioral Matchmaking system is designed to help match like-minded Zoosk users together who demonstrate similar physical, emotional, other characteristics and who would seem to be a good match with each other based upon their many similar traits.


  1. Like what other people have said, Zoosk is a paid site like Match. They let you sign up for. Tinder is the best free dating app in my opinion. 23.9k views View 8.

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