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Free transgender dating site

Please note that a change of view doesn't necessarily mean a reversal, or that the conversation has ended.

When they're open about it on their profile it's very easy, yes. Sometimes you can't tell though, and you waste time messaging back and forth only to find out they've got a trait that immediately disqualifies them as a partner.

Personally, I would encourage trans people to be up front simply for their own safety, but I don’t see why they should have to wear that info like a banner any more than someone in a wheelchair should have to put that front and center on their dating profile.

All comments that earned deltas (from OP or other users) are listed here, in r/Delta Log.That differs by person, so where do we draw the line feasibly?Do we make every person upload a detailed profile of everything that someone might care about in a prospective partner and make the results endlessly searchable? As for feeling that trans people owe it to make it known that they are trans from the jump, I don’t agree that they should be obligated to do that.At this point if you can’t tell they’re trans, find them attractive, and that becomes the dealbreaker, it’s not their problem.It’s just you have to realize that becomes your problem and you can just ignore them.So here's the thing though, assuming this is just the "can she have children" factor.What if you find out after chatting her up that she is a cisgendered woman who happens to be sterile? I find it irritating when I'm using a dating site like Tinder, Ok Cupid, whatever and I stumble across a "woman" only to realize that it's a man that has transitioned or (in most cases) is in the process of transitioning to become a woman.Barring extremists it's generally accepted that I, as a biological cisgender man (think I'm saying that right), am under no obligation to be attracted to transgender women (that is, men transitioning to women I think).My profiles say that I don't do trans people or homosexuals, but not everyone reads, and a rare few have even perceived that as a challenge. Still: I'd like a filter for when I'm browsing to automatically filter out trans people.So if you’re attracted and suddenly lose interest because the person is trans it’s their fault or the dating websites fault?


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