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The distance is then calculated from this information by knowing the propagation velocity.The relative propagation velocity of a coax transmission line is required for distance calculation.The FDR technique uses a swept RF signal instead of TDR DC pulses.FDR is far more sensitive than TDR and can precisely locate faults and degradation in system performance, not just DC open or short circuit conditions.These common problems can cause unwanted signal reflections.Poorly tightened connectors and poor environmental seals are exacerbated by acid rain corrosion.For example, connector corrosion can be detected early and weather seals replaced before moisture destroys expensive cables.

Transmission lines are typically the most common failure point.

Eventually these problems cause intermittent outage and failures at exactly the times they are least welcome, such as during storms or during extreme periods of cold.

With DTF available, the root causes of RF problems can be identified.

FDR is a transmission line fault isolation method which precisely identifies signal path degradation for coax and waveguide transmission lines.

Although the acronyms are similar, FDR technology is different from traditional Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) techniques.


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