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Adult web sites

Although much of the malware’s current sextortion threats are just bluster, Varenyky actually installs sophisticated spyware on its victim’s computers that pays close attention to browser activity.

When it detects a known adult phrase or website being typed into a search bar, it automatically fires up its screen-recording tools in the background — capturing any activity and sending it back to an unknown source on the Tor network. The malware also captures usernames and passwords that are saved in the victim’s browser — which are then paired with any recordings or activity data.

In light of all the massive data breaches, it’s more important than ever to make sure your digital assets are safe.

Usually, these messages are part of a typical “click this link to win an i Phone” type of scam, but some of the messages contain content normally found in sextortion emails.

Unlike many of its brethren, Varenyky isn’t playing around when it comes to recording users.

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Some say it’s harmless, that neither the viewer nor the subject is at risk because no one is physically hurt.


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