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Adult friend finder tips

You see, the thing you have to realise (which I only eventually came to realise) is that the ratio of men to women on a site like this is probably about 10:1.Great news if you're a woman looking for a guy, but not so great news if you are a guy!After all, you can get a full month's membership to Adult XXX Date for less than the entry fee to a nightclub!And god only knows how much had I already spent on nightclub entry fees, not to mention the extortionate cost of drinks once you get inside, only to go home alone at the end of the night!You can use this fact to your advantage - focusing your attention on women who do not have pictures posted will mean that you will not have nearly as much competition from other guys sending her emails and as such your e-mail will stand out more.There are plenty of women who are active on Adult XXX Date who do not have pictures of themselves posted for any number of reasons.You then come to realise that all the gorgeous girls on Adult XXX Date are probably receiving literally hundreds of e-mails each and every day from hopeful and horny guys! Now, I'm not an ugly guy, but I'm not Brad Pitt either, and unless you are, I think you'd have to be unrealistically optimistic to expect a reply from every gorgeous girl you e-mailed!Once you realise that, then you're already one step ahead of most of your competitors on the site, and by competitors, I mean of course the other guys on the site, as they are all your enemies in the dating game!

And so it follows that women (and men) who do not have pictures posted of themselves receive far less attention from the opposite sex.

Most of the women I've "dated" on Adult XXX Date have been ones who didn't have pictures posted on their profiles - and I was successful at targeting those women mainly because there was less competition for those women from other guys on the site.

As soon as you realise this and learn to use it to your advantage, you can literally clean up on Adult XXX Date!

My main profile picture was a picture of just my face showing me smiling - this immediately lets other women know that I have a happy, friendly, outgoing personality and somehow seems to imply that I'm not an axe murderer! But you need to let women know this, and a smile seems to do the trick!

My other photos that I uploaded were of my body (I didn't post any shots of my penis - as most men seem to like to do - as I thought I'd leave something to the imagination! Now I'm not a fat guy, but I'm hardly Arnold Schawrzengger or Jean Claude Van Damme either if you know what I mean, so I found that taking black and white shots of my body really emphasized the shadows around my pecs and biceps more and made me look a lot more muscular than I was, which looked nice!


  1. Our Overall AdultFriendFinder Conclusion. Now that we’ve gone over tips for gaming AdultFriendFinder and information about the site, we want to conclude this review with a little story. The very first woman we met on AdultFriendFinder turned out to be a total lush. She was a drunk, wasn’t as attractive as her photo appeared to be, and had a.

  2. Adult Friend Finder Biyernes, Mayo 31, 2013. 10 Tips to Write a Successful Adult Dating Website Member Profile There are many ways you can help or hinder the success you’ll have with your adult dating Website member profile. Knowing what to mention or keep quiet can make the difference between dating success and failure.

  3. This post continues our series of Adult FriendFinder series also check out What Women Want on AFF and Tips for AFF. Making a standout profile is key to success on Adult FriendFinder. But it isn’t the only thing to consider if you want successful hook ups on AFF.

  4. Adult Friend Finder is a sex community where you can find men and women looking for casual sex! Join our free online dating site and let your adventure begin as soon as possible! Don’t postpone this anymore, get started now!

  5. Adult FriendFinder is part of Friend Finder Networks, a company with a variety dating services targeting various territories and niche categories, as well as niche websites for alternative lifestyles and adult webcam websites

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