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Adult friend fiender com

How did you make your most recent genuine adult friend?

I had recently moved back to the city I grew up in (London) and started a new job.

Also, it’s an automatic friend “group” as opposed to just one friend. What did this experience teach you about making friends as an adult?

It’s definitely a strange breed of relationship, and feels very different from high school/college/law school friends.

And a dozen more friendly friends, who might not get a wedding invite, but whom I could call for happy hour.

What efforts did you put in to help the friendship take root?

You don’t have to go out of your way to make time for someone when they’re at a place you already go to.

PLUS, it ends up being good incentive to go to the gym when that’s where your friends are!

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My fiancé really struggles to make new guy friends as he feels lame getting in touch with someone on a weekly basis.You know what they say — the best stuff bubbles up in the most unlikely of places.Let your ear remind you of that the next time you’re at a pottery class.How did you make your most recent genuine adult friend? I went alone and didn’t know anyone and I ended up meeting her and hitting it off.This past weekend she was the maid of honor in my wedding!I‘ve read enough think pieces and essays about making friends as an adult to recognize that any friendship forged amidst the hurdles of work, physical distance, dating, social anxiety, and preconceived notions is—to some extent—unlikely.I also know that it’s this precise element of rareness that makes them so worthy of the pursuit.How did you make your most recent genuine adult friend? I do Cross Fit, which I know is notorious for having a “cult-y” vibe, but it’s truly a wonderful community for making friends.I switched to a new gym a year ago after moving, and in the year since, I’ve made approximately half a dozen new GOOD friends.But what stands out is the fact that she was dating someone who didn’t have the same beliefs as her and was vulnerable enough to discuss that openly with me despite being strangers at the time. We make time to see each other still and have since introduced each other to our other friends so that we are active members of each other’s lives.We intentionally check in with each other and try to hang out at least once a week.


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